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The Complete Product Hunt Launch Checklist

Jim Raptis
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"Wow, it's super useful! Playing around with it now, luckily a lot of things we did instinctively, but still, there're some I'd never think about doing"

- Michal Malewicz, Author of


The Product Hunt Checklist features 80+ actionable tips from expert entrepreneurs to implement into your upcoming launch. Each tip highlights the way it can lead you to a successful launch in a few sentences and real-life examples 🚀

The tips are categorized into four (4) time periods:

  • 1 month before the launch

  • 1 week before the launch

  • 1 day before the launch

  • Launch day

You can easily prioritize tasks because each tip is categorized by its impact and effort (according to the Eisenhower method). Then, you can focus on low effort tasks that bring a high user value.

🚨 Bonus: All the useful resources/tools that help me plan and execute launches leanly 🚨

"Jim's checklist is the most practical guide I've ever seen. Definitely, a must-have."

- Nero, Creator of

FAQ: Is there Parity Pricing?

Yes, absolutely. Please email me at jim (at) or DM me on Twitter, with where you are based and I'll send over the relevant coupon. If you are also struggling with work but want to launch a side project, please message me and I'll arrange a solid discount too.

FAQ: Are these tips only for Product Hunt launches?

Right now, the tips are specifically for Product Hunt launches. However, over 90% of them apply to any product launch on any platform. The long-term vision is to offer a universal launch guide.

FAQ: Is there a refund policy?

All of us have purchased products that didn't fulfill our expectations. There is a 24 hours refund policy. No questions asked! Email me at or DM me on Twitter.

The reason behind that is simple. I'm very confident in the value of this checklist but want you to be satisfied and actually use these tips on a massive launch of your product!

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The Complete Product Hunt Launch Checklist

13 ratings
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