Product Hunt Figma Templates

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✅  100+ Figma Templates

✅  High Performing Designs Only

✅  Web App to find the appropriate template

✅  Customizable components for colors, screenshots & logo

✅   Gallery with the best real-life templates for inspiration

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What's your most time-consuming task when you prepare a Product Hunt launch?

For me the answer is simple...

To create all the promotional graphics (aka featured images)!!!

It takes hours (if not days) to create engaging graphics for your Product Hunt launch. Especially if you're not a professional designer.

I've come up with a robust solution for you though!

  • Curated the best Product Hunt launches

  • Analyzed their featured images & thumbnails

  • Created easy-to-use customizable templates

FAQ: Does it work with Figma free tier?

Absolutely! You don't need to have a Figma pro account to access, edit and export the templates.

FAQ: What does this product include?

The product includes a .fig file with the 101 Figma templates. Also, I'm created how-to video tutorials to show you how to properly use & edit the templates for your own brand assets & screenshots.

FAQ: Do I need to be a Figma expert to use the templates?

You just need to know the Figma basics eg. how to edit colors, text layers, and add change images. You don't need to know any complicated Figma concepts to use these templates.

FAQ: Is there a refund policy?

All of us have purchased products that didn't fulfill our expectations. There is a 24 hours refund period after your purchase. No questions asked! Email me or DM me on Twitter.

P.S. If you're a student, from a low-income country or can't afford this for any reason, please reach out on Twitter or via email and I'll do my best to make it work for you!

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Product Hunt Figma Templates

5 ratings
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