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Landing Page UX Teardown

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What is a landing page teardown?

A landing page teardown is a detailed review of the user experience & usability of your landing page.

The format is an annotated PDF with the bottlenecks of your current conversion funnel, paired with actionable UX suggestions on how to boost your conversions.

Obviously, we can discuss further these issues on a short video call.

👀 Genki UX review [Sample PDF]

Who am I?

Hi, Jim here

I'm a SaaS founder and entrepreneur who's spending most of his time on design and optimizing UX flows for products used by Fortune 500 companies and startups. 

During the past years, more than 1 million people have used effectively the products I've designed & build. Some of them are VisualEyes, MagicPattern, Brandbird, and UIdesign.tips

My insights are tested with real products and backed by data & science!

Who is the UX teardown for?

Entrepreneurs and startups who...

✅Need the opinion from an outsider expert 

✅Don't convert their traffic into leads or revenue 

✅Struggle to figure out what's wrong with their funnel

✅Are willing to spend a budget on improving conversions

✅Have published a new landing page and want to do it right

Who is the UX teardown NOT for?

People who...

❌Are satisfied with their current conversions

❌Don't understand the importance of design & UX

❌Are not willing to make radical changes to their website 

Can I see a sample report?

You can check these articles to understand how your UX audit will look like (with more insights though):

Genki UX review [Sample PDF]



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Landing Page UX Teardown

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